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June 21, 2021
Headingley to Winnipeg, MB
30.79 km today
2,459.27 km achieved so far! 

Made it to Winnipeg!

Now two rest days!

Who will push the donations over $49,000? We're so close!

June 20 -2.jpg
June 20 -4.jpg
June 20 - 1.jpg
June 20 -3.jpg

June 20, 2021
Oakville to Headingley, MB
47.24 km today
2,428.48 km achieved so far! 

10 weeks into the Run. It’s hard to believe 10weeks have gone by already. Another 47 k day. Now more than 300 k into Manitoba. Getting into Winnipeg tomorrow will put me over the 2500 km mark. 

Then 2 days off. 

Veronica van Dam came out to visit us on the road in Elie, and travelled for about 20 k with Colette Michel-Fall in the RV.

Then had dinner in the RV at Winnipeg West KOA campground before she headed out for Kenora. 

Met another young guy biking across this great country. 

About 30 k for tomorrow that may be a bit slower than usual because of
A couple new aches today: left Achilles, more toe blisters and right knee. Nothing that the 2 days off shouldn’t cure.


June 19 - 7.jpg
June 19 - 8.jpg
June 19 - 9.jpg
June 19 - 2.jpg
June 19 - 10.jpg
June 19 - 5.jpg
June 19 - 3_edited.jpg
June 19 - 4.jpg

June 19, 2021
MacGregor to Oakville, MB
47.7 km today
2,381 km achieved so far! 

Got out of MacGregor this morning, not too early because the temperature was VC not forecasted to be too hot. 

Got in 16, then 12. Contacted a couple people to give updates on timing into Portage la Prairie. 

-Loralee a lady in a wheelchair wanting to ride for a few blocks with me

-Richard Write, a gentleman who Andy Sward told about my journey. 

-the city of Portage. Where the fire department answered. 

They asked if we would like an escort into the city. So of course the offer was accepted. 

They met us at about 8.5 k out and had lights going on the way into town. We got a huge response with honks, beeping horns and cheers by many. 

Some met us and put in donations. 

Better yet, the Fire department union went back to the hall and retired with a donation cheque for $500.00. And will put a challenge for other fire departments to do the same. 

Then did another 12 k to get to Miller’s Campground for the night. 
Total of 47.7 k for the day.

June 18 - 4.jpg
June 19 - 1.jpg
June 18 - 2.jpg
June 18 - 6.jpg
June 18 - 1.jpg
June 18 - 7.jpg
June 18 - 3.jpg
June 18 - 5.jpg

June 18, 2021
East Carberry to MacGregor, MB
36.14 km today
2,333.54 km achieved so far! 

A 35 k day. Weather was great. Much better temperature than the past few days. Rained a bit, but avoided it on one of my breaks. 

Got to MacGregor MB in 3 segments. 
14,11,and10 (ish). 

Met more awesome people. 

Colette Michel-Fall got to town before me and met a young guy who is biking across Canada with us brother. Eric Phendler Daniel Phendler are riding for Central Westcoast Forest Society (CWFS).
2 very enthusiastic young guys.

They stopped and had a great visit and a couple beverages at our private MacGregor street party. 

Also met other very nice people in this great little town. 

So many people we meet have connections with either Make-A-Wish Canada and/or Childhood Cancer Canada. So awesome to be helping out people with this journey. 
Please keep liking, sharing and donating. 

PS. Also got word that the Pattison group is posting FalloRick on their electronic billboards

June 17 - 2.jpg
June 17 - 12.jpg
June 17 - 11.jpg
June 17 - 1.jpg
June 17 - 6.jpg
June 17 - 9.jpg
June 17 - 5.jpg
June 17 - 3.jpg
June 17 - 14.jpg
June 17 - 15.jpg
June 17 - 4.jpg
June 17 - 10.jpg
June 17 - 7.jpg
June 17 - 8.jpg

June 17, 2021
Chater to East Carberry, MB
42.2 km today
2,297.4 km achieved so far!


Got up early to avoid more hot temperatures. 

Got started by around 6:00am. 
Did 17 k to a back road turn off to Carberry. Then another 16 to get there. And later in the afternoon when temperatures were not so bad and had a tail wind I pulled off another 9.4 to make it an official Marathon Day. 

Waiting for 1:00 for the museum to open we found out that due to COVID, it was by appointment only. 

So, the town CEO contacted the right people to allow us to get in to have a look. 

My Grandfather, Group Captain Joseph Stewart Temple Fall served here in the 40’s with the RAF as a Comanding Officer. So we were hoping to find something about him in the museum. If we had more time to dig a little deeper, we may have found something. But, nonetheless, Carberry and the the Carberry Plains Museum is a gem of a place to visit. It has so much history. Too much to mention it all. 

Carberry also has a McCain’s Foods processing plant for McDonalds fries and hash browns located on the old training airfield. 

Met more very interesting/ed people.

June 16 - 1.jpg
June 16 - 2.jpg
June 16 - 4.jpg
June 16 - 3.jpg
June 16 - 5.jpg

June 16, 2021
Grisold to Chater, MB
30.2 km today
2,255.2 km achieved so far!

BRANDON is hot 🥵 🔥🔥

Hot up early anticipating another hot day. 

On the road by 6 and got into Brandon by 7:30. Took a quick break and did another 4 k to get to the WalMart parking lot to meet the Deputy Mayor, Glen Parker and the city media for a visit. Had a little rest as Colette Michel-Fall went shopping to restock the RV. Then got going for another HOT 🔥🔥🥵 🔥🔥14k to the Bry-Mar RV Park & Campground for the night. (one of the nicest showers I’ve had at a campground). 

Got a write up in today’s Brandon Sun from the pictures and interview taken last night. 

June 15 - 1.jpg
June 15 - 3.jpg
June 15 - 5.jpg
June 15 - 6.jpg

June 15, 2021
Oak Lake to Griswold, MB
44.77 km today
2,225 km achieved so far!

After a half day off, had to get up early (2am) to get in some distance before the heat. 

On the road from Oak Lake turnoff by 3:40. 

First 19 k was great. Cool, dark to start with a light wind and awesome sunrise. 
Took a break and got going again for 13 k. It started to get warm. Another longer break before tackling the heat for the final 11 k where I needed to stop each 5 for a outdoor cold shower soaking. That Colette Michel-Fall had waiting for me. 
Last 2 legs had some good hill to go up. I think I must be getting used to the flat prairies. And a bit of a headwind the last 11 k. 

Got to Kemney/1A turn off where the starting line will be for tomorrow. Then to Grand Valley Campground fir the night. 
Getting closer to home. But still not close enough in the fundraising department for the Children and families of Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada
Please continue to support this cause for those in need

June 14 - 1.jpg
June 14 - 4.jpg
June 14 - 3.jpg
June 14 - 2.jpg
June 14 - 5.jpg

June 14, 2021
Virdin to Oak Lake, MB
21.18 km today
2,180.23 km achieved so far!

Day 64 on the road. Day 58 Running. 
For a “day off” I was still able to get in 21.18 km. 

Thought we should do something in the morning instead of nothing in Virden. So got in a HOT 1/2 marathon and got to Oak Lake campground ⛺️ turn off. (Oak Lake town is another 6 k) 

Nice 1/2 day off at the beach. Not very swimmable but Colette Michel-Fall and I had a “relaxing” afternoon. 

Met more friendly Manitobans who are inspired by and interested in this journey. 

Always looking for others to share this to help with the fundraising efforts and awareness of the two foundations, Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada.

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Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 2.08.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 2.08.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 2.08.25 PM.png

June 13, 2021
Kola to Virdin, MB
35.94 km today
2,159.05 km achieved so far!

Over $48,000 raised so far!

Hot, sunny Manitoba run
On the road by 9:00 am. 36 hot Km “straight” to Virden Manitoba from the Saskatchewan border.


June 12 - 4.jpg
June 12 - 5.jpg
June 12 - 3.jpg
June 12 - 1.jpg
June 12 - 11.jpg
June 12 - 6.jpg
June 12 - 9.jpg
June 12 - 7.jpg
June 12 - 2.jpg
June 12 - 10.jpg
June 12 - 8.jpg

June 12, 2021
Wawota to Kola, MB

Made it to Manitoba!!!
46.26 km today
2,123.11 km achieved so far!

Day 62. 56th day of running. 

Two months ago today, I started this journey from Victoria, BC at Mile Zero with Colette Michel-Fall with me every step of the way. 

Started this Run for two great foundations, Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada.
A little under the average of 42 k/day, but all is going great. I’m thinking we are still on schedule to get Home by early August. 

Got going by 9 this morning out of Wawota SK. Weather was great. Light tailwind and sunny. Getting warm. 
Plan was to do 13 k then take a break. 
But Colette got tied up in Wawota for an extra hour+. Ended up doing 20.5 k to a farm house for a refill of water and break. Wade and Sharon were very hospitable and interested in the Run. Made a donation and got on their way to the Lake. 

After getting on the road again, made it to Maryfield SK. A quick break and did the extra 8 k to make it to the Manitoba border. 

Total for the day was 46.26 k. 
Went back to Maryfield for the night in the town Campground. Had dinner at the Algonquin Hotel’s “Steak Pit” 
Cook your own steak.
Plan is to get to Virden MB tomorrow. 
We loose an hour going into Central Time Zone.


June 11 - 1.jpg
June 11 - 2.jpg
June 11 - 4.jpg
June 11 - 6.jpg
June 11 - 5.jpg
June 11 - 7.jpg
June 11 - 3.jpg

June 11, 2021
Kennedy to Wawota, SK
34.91 km today
2,076.85 km achieved so far!

Cute little town on highway 48 in south eastern Saskatchewan. 

Late start, hoping for it to dry up a bit. 
After last night’s, all-night downpour, things looked like they would dry up in the morning, so waited a bit. Got on the road around 11:00. But the rain came back. I was going to get WET. 
Not bad though, had wind at my back and pretty good temperature. 

Got in 17 k soaked to the bone and beyond. 

Got dried up. Put on dry running gear and after a break got going again for another 18 k. Made it to Wawota SK. Got a night stay at the town campground with a big red aderondac chair. 

Lots of different weather in the past week. From very hot at 36’C to cool headwinds and sunny strong headwinds to WET and WINDY tailwinds. Colette Michel-Fall got a few good pics of me in the rain. 

I did not melt. 

Once again, getting out there fighting the elements for the c as hildren and families of Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada

June 10 - 2.jpg
June 10 - 1 .jpg
June 10 - 3.jpg
June 10 - 5.jpg
June 10 - 6.jpg
June 10 - 4.jpg

June 10, 2021
Windthorst to Kennedy, SK 
38.28 km today
2,041.94 km achieved so far!

What a day!
Headwind Headwind Headwind!!!

40-50 kph straight out of the East. 
Which way am I heading?  EAST!! 

Just slow it down, head down and get strong(er). 

The entire 38.28 km. Was right into the wind. 

Plan was to run 5, take a drink and walk for a bit. But that soon changed to Run 2, walk 250 m. 

Left Windthorst just after 9, made it to Kipling, where the world’s largest Red Paperclip is. (Look it up). 

A reporter, Laura, who could not make it to Windthorst yesterday, saw us at the Paperclip and had a good photoshoot and interview. Another being in the right place at the right time. 

From there, in two segments made it to Kennedy SK, a small town that has wonderful people, but is declining in population. 

Shortly after getting set up at the local town park campground, another reporter met us, but then the sky’s opened up and down poured with rain and hail. She will come back in the morning. 

Sounds like the T storms are here for the night. Buckled down. 

Headwinds are tough, but children with Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada have a tougher battle than what I went through. THEIR LIFE IS LIKE FIGHTING A HEADWIND. 

Please help out with the fundraising effort Colette Michel-Fall and I are doing to help reduce their headwinds. 

Go to Like, share and donate.

June 9, 2021
Candiac to Windthorst, SK
35.14 km today
2,003.66 km achieved so far!

June 8 - 3.jpg
June 8 - 4.jpg
June 8 - 2.jpg
June 8 - 7.jpg
June 8 - 8.jpg
June 8 - 1.jpg
June 8 - 5.jpg
June 8 - 6.jpg
June 8 - 9.jpg

June 8, 2021
Odessa to Candiac, SK
40.17 km today
1,968.52 km achieved so far!

58th day on the road. 52nd  day Running. 

What a great day. Everything happens for a reason. 

Yesterday started a bit late because of the weather. And we got to meet a nice family at the store in Vibank. 

This lead to meeting her mother in Odessa. She shared the FB live from last night to her FB page. This lead to people reaching out to me. 

One, in particular, was a school bus driver. We had a chat before she picked up her students. Then she told the kids about my run. They saw me running in the rain 🌧. 

Then when we got to the Campground in Glenavon, a number of kids and parents came to visit us. Some fave donations, others will donate online. 

This all may not have happened if I got going on time yesterday. 
More country town friends and fellowship. How cool?!! 

Got in 40 k today. The last 14 was in the pouring rain with a headwind. 

I thought winds were supposed to come out if the west, not the northeast. Also, felt like it was mostly uphill today. 
But got it done. 

Tomorrow will be a relatively short day to get to Windthorst. 

Praying 🙏 for warm tailwinds. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 7.27.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 7.27.13 PM.png

June 7, 2021
S. of McLean to Odessa, SK
34.45 km today
1,928.35 km achieved so far!

Over $47,000 raised so far!

Country Roads take me(us) home.
Another great day. Got in 34.45 km after a later start than planned. Taking Highway 48 to Windthorst SK and beyond to Virden MB. 
It was pouring rain this morning, so held off for a bit. But it all happens for good reasons. Met so many great people (May have missed them had I started earlier). Great donation by @indepenentAG, met a young couple in Vibank, SK on a break, Tony, his wife Jaqueline and their 3 kids who helped us out by getting fresh water for “The Sleep Runner” (theRV), a dump of waist water and gave us great references for the next town, Odessa SK , ( her mother) who spread it to others in town. Ended up meeting 6-8 great and supportive people. Too bad we don’t have time to meet more Vibank and Odessa people. 

They will be, and hope you wil keep liking, sharing and donating to the cause, Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada though the website  
Thank you all. 
Love you all. 

June 6 - 2.jpg
June 6 - 5.jpg
June 6 - 4.jpg
June 6 - 3.jpg
June 6 - 1.jpg

June 6, 2021
Regina to South of McLean, SK
26.53 km today
1,893.90 km achieved so far!

Halfway Home!!!

Got to Humbolt Friday evening by 7 pm. Got a great night sleep after 2 days of 3am starts to beat that heat. 
Great visit with Linda Gregor and Keith Payne. 

Rick and JulieAnn Reed came down from Prince Albert Saturday afternoon for a visit and had a great BBQ at Linda’s. 

After the day of rest in Humbolt, got back on the road today in Regina by 4:00 pm after a fabulous lunch and visit from Tiffany Runge ‘s Aunt  Deena, Coach Uncle Elder and there GG Son Trea. Worked out great. She lives very close to where I finished on Friday and started today.
Did about 5 k to get out of city like conditions. Then 2 on paved highway.17 more on a gravel road and finished off with 2 back on pavement. 

Got to a farmer’s driveway where we were told we could stay as long as we want. 

We will be back on the road before 9. Chance if rain, but good temperatures for running. 

Will be on Hwy 48 tomorrow towards Windthorst SK 3days to get there before heading east to rejoin Hwy # 1 at Moosomin

June 4 - 1.jpg
June 4 - 2.jpg
June 4 - 3.jpg
June 4 - 4.jpg

June 4, 2021
Pense to Regina, SK
40.06 km today
1,867.37 km achieved so far!

Another early departure. 2:50 am hit the road running. 

First 15 k was great. In the dark, cool and had energy.

Break and then another 13 and 12. For a total of 40 k for the day. Started getting hot by 9:00. 

Had CTV Regina News interview with Garreth along the way.

And had a swim in Wascana Lake just before ending the running for the day. 
Went to COSTCO to shop then took a drive to Humbolt to visit friends. Taking a day and a half off with hopes of cooler temps Sunday afternoon to get a few km in. 

So, don’t be surprised if I go Mia for a bit.


June 3 - 1.jpg
June 3 - 2.jpg
June 3 - 3.jpg
June 3 - 5.jpg
June 3 - 6.jpg
June 3 - 7.jpg
June 3 - 4.jpg

June 3, 2021
Moose Jaw to Pense, SK
36.05 km today
1,827.31 km achieved so far!

Another HOT 🥵 day. 

Got started at 3 am. Yup. 3 am!  

Got a nice cool 12 k in to start to get out of Moose Jaw and a “bad” night picture of Mac the Moose.  Then warm 10 and 8 k runs. Then a TOO HOT 🥵 6 k by 10:30 Would have liked to do another 6, I might be crazy, but not that crazy. 

Had a break then went for a drive to Regina Beach. Had a great pub lunch and a swim. But still too hot to enjoy being out of AC. 

Another 3 am start in the morning to reach Regina. Hopefully by 10. 

To bed early as well. SOON.


June 2 - 3.jpg
June 2 - 1.jpg
June 2 - 2.jpg

June 2, 2021
Mortlach to Moose Jaw, SK
35.93 km today
1,791.26 km achieved so far!

Even with a 6:00 am start, it got too hot to continue past 36 k today. 
Shorter segments today. 10, 11, 5, 6, and 4 k. 

Needed to stop and hydrate and cool outdoor RV shower. 

Got to the west side of Moose Jaw and drove to Mac the Moose, the biggest moose in the world. 

Rv Camp not too far from him.
Planning a 2-3am start to “beat the heat”🔥🔥🥵🥵🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️ will see how far I get. Colette Michel-Fall will be sure I do not dry out. 

Will still be hydrating LOTS.


June 1 - 1.jpg
June 1 - 2.jpg

June 1, 2021
Chaplin to Mortlach, SK
41.53 km today
1,755.33 km achieved so far!

$44,000 raised so far!!!

Another Marathon Day. 
41.53 km in the heat. 🔥🔥🥵🏃🏽‍♂️

Started fairly early from Chaplin SK. 

Got to Mortlach. In 3 segments plus another 3k. 13, 13, 12.5 k.   

Went through 4 tee shirts of sweat (hanging to dry after the wash) and LOTS of liquid. 

Got to a great Campground for the night where a good friend from 1977-79 from university days Linda Gregor and her husband Keith drove down from Humbolt for a visit. And they brought dinner!  Bonus. 
Gonna be another hot one tomorrow, so planning to get an earlier start. Should make Moose Jaw tomorrow. 

Not too much to take photos of on yet another “straight” forward run.

May 31 - 2.jpg
May 31 - 3.jpg
May 31 - 5.jpg
May 31 - 1.jpg

May 31, 2021
Herbert to Chaplin, SK
49.01 km today
1713.8 km achieved so far!

Time for a short update for today. 

45 k day. Then noticed that if I do another 4 k, it would make it 1,000 km for the month of May.

So 49 k for the day. 

Only 2 Plus a bit more months to go to get home.
3 segments today. 12, 15 and 18. Then the extra 4. 

Made it to Chaplin SK. Where Salt mining is their thing. Salt piles in the photo. 

Photo of last nights sunset as Reed Lake where we spent the night in the field. 

Nothing special other than that.

A few nice pictures.

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 5.04.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 5.04.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 5.05.19 PM.png
May 30 - 4.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 5.05.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 5.05.11 PM.png
May 30 - 1.jpg
May 30 - 3.jpg
May 30 - 2.jpg

May 30, 2021
Swift Current to Herbert, SK
43.5 km today
1,664.79 km achieved so far!


Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 4.46.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 4.46.41 PM.png
May 30 - 4.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 4.47.00 PM.png
May 30 - 6.jpg
May 30 - 5.jpg

May 28, 2021
Antelope to Swift Current, SK
34.65 km today
1,621.29 km achieved so far!

Rest day tomorrow. Yippee. 

Had a good running day today. 
Started off with a 12 k leg. No problem with a tail wind. Short break and continued for another 16, with more favourable winds, to get to the outskirts of Swift Current. 

Hour break and then 6+ k  (34.6 today) to the Ponderosa Campground ⛺️ for 2 nights. R&R. 

Time to reflect on what’s happening and what’s next: Keep on going with the fundraising for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada 

Almost 1/2  way done. I know it’s hard to believe. In one way it feels as if it just got started. In another it feels like I’ve been going forever.

With tomorrow OFF there will be no fb live or posting. 

Will catch you up on Sunday evening. 

Till then, stay safe, healthy and please remember to like an share and please keep the donations coming.

May 27 - 3.jpg
May 27 - 1.jpg
May 27 - 2.jpg

May 27, 2021
Gull Lake to Antelope, SK
38.06 km today
1,586.64 km achieved so far!

Another day down. 

A little shorter today but had a tough wind to battle. Generally flat with a few ups and downs. 

Ran shorter distances between walk/drink breaks than usual. Whatever works. 
Highlights of the day were:

1) going by the grain elevators that are being worked on by a group of very hard working guys that are camping at Gull Lake. 

2) visiting the memorial site of the 22 CP workers killed in a fiery bus crash, May 28, 1908 near Gull Lake. So sad. 🙏🙏
3) pushing on in the wind for the children and families of Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada 

So glad to have you all “Fallo” ing this journey and all the support and encouragement you give to help me continue. 

May 26 - 1.jpg

May 26, 2021
NE of Piapot to Gull Lake, SK
41.75 km today
1,548.58 km achieved so far!

Another 42 km done for the two foundations, Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada. 

Got it done in 3 segments. The last 10 k was tough being uphill and into wind. But made it to just shy if Gull Lake Saskatchewan. 

Swift Current here we come. 
Should be there by Friday afternoon. 

Please continue to help with donations and spreading the word about 


May 25, 2021
NE of
Maple Creek to NE of Piapot, SK
40.91 km today
1,506.83 achieved so far

May 25 - 1.jpg
May 25 - 2.jpg

May 25, 2021
NE of Maple Creek to NE of Piapot, SK
40.91 km today
1,506.83 achieved so far

Late start because of the crappy wet weather though the night and morning. 
When it stopped raining, I got going. Started with a 15 k mostly downhill. Short break then 16 more of rolling hills.
Took a longer break, then finished off with 9 k. Last 7 k was tough: headwind and uphill. You’d think I was good with hills, but getting used to the flatness by now. lol. 

First picture today was about 40 k into Saskatchewan. At the top of the hill, I’m sure I could see Manitoba. lol. 

Next picture was a train going under me, on a double overpass. 

A little later the RCMP stopped me as they had a call from someone who thought I was maybe going to jump. I assured him I was not all “that” crazy. 

He let me off. 

Anyway I don’t have time to jump. 
I need to RUN for Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada 
Please like, Share, Fallo this journey and donate on the website

May 24 - 3.jpg
May 24 - 1.jpg
May 24 - 2.jpg

May 24, 2021
Irvine to NE of Maple Creek, SK
44.28 km today
1,465.92 km achieved so far!

Over $43,00 raised so far!

Started out from where I finished yesterday, 10 km west of Irvine, AB. 
Cool drizzly start and over dressed of course. 

Met Colette back at Irvine. Got rid of a few layers and continued to 15 k. 
Took a break on the side of the highway then continued to the Saskatchewan border. 

Took a longer break, as usual, but the wind and rain started again. 
Was planning to maybe call it for the day, but got thinking. “What would Terry do?” And if I can go I better,  because there are so many children out there who would love to get out and play in the rain, but can’t. And that is why I am doing this: For the children and for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada 
44.28 k for the day. 

Into Saskatchewan now so not too many hills anymore. Should be “easy” days to come.

Please like, share, “Fallo” this journey at  And donate if you can. 

May 23 - 4.jpg
May 23 - 2.jpg
May 23 - 1.jpg

May 23, 2021
Medicine Hat to Irvine, AB
26.96 km today
1,421.64 km achieved so far!

Today was a fun-filled rainy, wet day. 

Started off at the Gas City CG where we met a grade 6 teacher Kathleen McCutcheon who has been “Fallo” ing since near the beginning and will be bringing it to her class next week.
Started the running side with a group of Medicine Hat Mad Hatters and RIOT runners. Darryl Smith joined in a bit later. Started off dry but the rain started at about 10 k where some said fair well good byes. Darryl continued to Dunmore where it started to rain hard. So I took a break till it let up a bit and got stated again. 

Susan Spicer joined me 6 k later and ran a WET 6 k with me. Got soaked to the bone and called it for the day.
In all made it 27 k out of the Hat. 

Not bad for a FULL day if meeting great people full of energy and encouragement. 
Thank you to all supporting this for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada.
Other Medicine Hat runners yesterday and today included:
Richard Hobley
Shar Anderson 
Amy Edmonstone
Jessica Draganiuk
Sheri Emerson
Jackie El Robertson
And Adrian 

Sorry if I missed anyone. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 9.54.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 9.54.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 9.54.05 PM.png
May 22 - b.jpg
May 22 - f.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 9.53.55 PM.png
May 22 - a.jpg
May 22 - c.jpg
May 22 - g.jpg
May 22 - d.jpg
May 22 - e.jpg

May 22, 2021
Suffield to Medicine Hat, AB
28.86 km today
1,394.68 km achieved so far!

$42,000 raised so far!

What a wonderful welcome from Medicine Hat! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🚲 Five women from the the Mad Hatters Running club and Al on a bike joined Rick this morning!
So much support!❤

Last evening at the Jesse James campground in Suffield with a beautiful sunset!🌞

And our friends in dryden sent a picture of their dog Angus all dressed ready to run with Rick when we get there!🐾💕

Looking forward!
Thank you all! ❤
@Childhoodcancer Canada 


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May 21, 2021
Tilley to Suffield, AB
42.08 km today
1,365.82 km achieved so far!

Pretty straight forward day. 
Well one bend in the road over the 42 km done today. 

Weather was on my side today. Light wind and cool temps.
Elevation profile makes it look like there are hills, but they weren’t too much, just long gradual ones.
Scenery was pretty much the same for the day. Beautiful. But not like the mountains. 

Will be getting to Medicine Hat tomorrow where some of the local runners will be joining me. 
Please remember why I am doing this Run. 

It’s for Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada and the children who have critical illnesses or suffering with Cancer. 

We can all help with the fundraising for these two foundations. 
Please visit to donate, “Fallo” this journey and learn more about these two great foundations. 
Thanks to everyone giving support and encouragement. 


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May 20, 2021
Brooks to to Tilley, AB
36.86 km toay
1,323.74 km achieved so far!

Over $41,000 raised so far!

Today’s run getting out of Brooks was cold and wet. (wet snow) but had a 1/4 ing tailwind mist of the day. 

After experiencing +30 C temps a few days ago, it was a bit of a shock. Not sure which is better, wet and cold ❄️❄️or wet from sweat and hot🥵🥵. 

Was still able to get in 37 k for the day. 42 for tomorrow should get me to within 25 k from Medicine Hat. Will get there Saturday morning, then a rest day??? 

Not too much to take pictures of, especially on a dull low visibility day. 

Please continue to help support this journey by liking, sharing and donating to the cause(s), Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada,
We are officially over the $40,000 mark, hoping to hit $50,000 by the time We get to Saskatchewan. 

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. 


May 19 - 3.jpg
May 19 - 2.jpg
May 19 - 1.jpg

May 19, 2021
Bassano to Brooks, AB
46.7 km today
1,286.88 km achieved so far!

Over $40,000 raised so far!

Got out of Bassano early with lots of energy after a “wind day” (afternoon off). 

Had a slight tailwind and not too hot. 

During the run, I had a bit of an emotional breakdown when I was thinking about some of the pain I’ve had doing this Run. 
But thinking about it, it occurred to me that my injuries can and will heal. 

There are too many out there that their injuries or situations will NOT heal. 

That’s why I am doing this; For those who NEED the support we can all give. 

To help achieve this, please help with this journey by donating, sharing and liking  

All proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada

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May 18 - 1.jpg
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May 18 - 3.jpg
May 18 - a.jpg

May 18, 2021
Crowfoot to Bassano, AB
15.21 km today
1,286.88 km achieved so far!

Over $39,000 raised so far!

Unfortunately the winds are too strong for now. Wind warnings in affect for this area!😥🏃‍♂️

Well today is windy!💨 Winds up to 60k per hour. Rick is uncomfortable with the gusts and finds it abit dangerous. We will see if it settles down in the afternoon. 

Yesterday arrived into Bassano campground for a good rest after a hot day run.🌞 

The motor home went in for an oil change and then able to catch up to rick 3 and a half hours later at a gas station! Poor guy! Some wonderful person bought him a milk shake!❤ I'm sharing the post from the grandparents of the boy with leukemia. So inspiring to us!💕🏃‍♂️

Thank you for fallo ing Rick's journey!


May 17 , 2021
Gleichen to Crowfoot, AB
42.41 km today
1,271.67 km achieved so far!


May 16 - 3.jpg
May 16 - 4.jpg
May 16 - 1.jpg
May 16 - 2.jpg

May 16, 2021
Strathmore to Gleichen, AB
33.5 km today
1,229.26 km achieved so far!

I’ve had quite a bit on my mind. 
Been questioning myself, “What is the real reason for me doing this run?”  
Well it’s for a few reasons. 
1) because I feel I can make a difference for the lives of those who need the support. Not only the children, but the friends and family of them as well. 
2) because, if I can make a difference, why not do it while doing something I enjoy doing. Running. 
3) to be able to show that not all things in life are easy. If you need a different approach, then find one. 
4) this is more of a mental game than a fitness challenge. 
I could go on and on. 

Anyway, had a great day running. 
Met a lot of really nice people, including Leonard and Alice, who have a grandson with leukaemia and has been granted a wish from Make-A-Wish Canada where he will be going to Hawaii when he can travel. Started off running with two ladies from Strathmore Running Club, Diane and Gwen. Shortly after they were done, another runner, Heather, joined me for a number of km. 
Got to her place where we took a break and she gave us some free range eggs and some nutrition items. 
Then continued for another 17 k or so     
33.5 k for the day. 
It was HOT for the last couple legs. 27-28 ‘C. 
Please help in getting to the goal of $300,000 by liking, sharing and donating at


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May 15 - 3.jpg
May 15 - 5.jpg
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May 15 - a.jpg
May 15 - 2.jpg
May 15 - 1.jpg

May 15 , 2021

Calgary to Strathmore, AB
50 km today
1,195.76 km achieved so far!

Yesterday, OFF. No updates. No fb live. 

Another 50k day today after a day off. 
Ran out of Calgary with a good friend, Ken Larson from high school days. It was great. He was able to manage almost 5 k after numerous surgeries on his knees. 

After good byes and a quick break I continued out of Calgary along Hwy #1. Long leg to Chestemere then another 12 k to a weigh station. Then 14 k to Strathmore. 

And of course Colette Michel-Fall doing a fantastic job driving, nursing, cooking and supporting this run for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada

Long day, feeling there was a lot of uphill. But it was mostly downhill. 
Quad was good toes are great. 
Tomorrow, a shorter day. Maybe 30 ish. 

Please like, share,  “Fallo” this journey and donate. All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt and are split 50/50 between the two foundations.

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