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Aug 5, 2021
Pancake Bay Park to..., ON 
... km today
... km achieved so far!

Aug 3 - 1.jpeg
Aug 3 - 6.jpeg
Aug 3 - 7.jpeg
Aug 3 -4.jpeg
Aug 3 -3.jpeg
Aug 3 -2.jpeg
Aug 3 -5.jpeg

Aug 3, 2021
Lake Superior Park to Agawa Bay, ON 
34.39 km today
3,766.71 km achieved so far!

Almost Done. 
About 140 km to get to Sault Ste. Marie Civic Centre. 
After a few days rest at Wawa and a great visit with Cam Fall,Caralena Dumanski and grand daughters I had two days of fantastic running. 
From Rabbit Blanket Lake to Sand River, 40.5 km on Monday with Gil Edwards riding his bike along side of me. 
Tuesday, another 34.5 km of hills with Gil and Tony Colosimo from Sand River to Twilight Resort, near Montreal River. Got over the major part of the Montreal Hill today with only a few more hills in the next couple days. 
Plans remain the same for getting into the Sault. 
-leave Trout Lake Road at 10:30
-TMS TMS Truck Centre Ltd.  around 11:45
-Water Tower Inn around 12:00, and leave at 12:15 
-getting to the Civic Centre around 1:00 to meet the Mayor, Christian Provenzano  or designate. 
-gathering at Civic Centre 1:00-3:00 keeping COVID restrictions in mind. 
Anyone can join me at anytime or anywhere along the way. 
Hope the pictures all make sense of what the mean to us. 
Let’s keep the donations coming in for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada through the FalloRick website.

Aug 1 - 2.jpeg
Aug 1 - 1.jpeg
Aug 1 - 3.jpeg

Aug 2, 2021
Lake Superior Park, ON 
40.51 km today
3,732.22 km achieved so far!

Aug 1, 2021
Wasn’t going to do a post today, as it is considered a “day off”. 
But after having a great weekend in Wawa despite the T storms with Cam Fall, Caralena Dumanski, Cara and Camila visiting us, and meeting Dayton at the campground, I thought I would post a quick update.  
It’s for people like Dayton and his daughter why I am doing this FalloRick Hone to Home Run for Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada. 
And loving every step of the way. 
Still on time to run into Sault Ste. Marie on August 7th. 
Arriving at the City Civic Centre around 1;00. 
Anyone can join me at anytime or anywhere
Along the route. 
Please check back to see if anything changes.


July 29 - 2.jpeg
July 29 - 1.jpeg

July 29, 2021
Wawa to Lake Superior Park, ON 
28 km today
3,691.71 km achieved so far!

Wawa again. 
Got going this morning from where I ended yesterday by 9 ish. 
Got in 28 k getting to Rabbit Blanket Lake in Lake Superior Provincial Park, where I will be leaving from Monday. 
In the meantime, Colette Michel-Fall and I will be spending some family time here in Wawa. 
Got over a few hills today, but I know there are more big ones to tackle in the next few days. 
Plans still remain the same for getting Home: 
-Leaving Trout Lake Road and Hwy 17 at 10:30. 
-Great Northern Rd to TMS Truck Centre Ltd. around 11:30-11:45
-WaterTower Inn 12:00, leaving 12:15
-GNR /Pim St to Queen St. 
-to Brock St. 
-to Civic Centre around 1:00 to meet the Mayor or designate and “COVID responsible” gathering, where a donation table will be set up to help raise funds for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada. 
Or in the meantime, you can donate at FalloRick  (.com) 
Hopefully see you all on Saturday the 7th.

July 28 - 7.jpeg
July 28 - 8.jpeg
July 28 - 1.jpeg
July 28 - 5.jpeg
July 28 - 2.jpeg
July 28 - 4.jpeg
July 28 - 3.jpeg
July 28 - 6.jpeg

July 28, 2021
W. of Dubreuiville to Wawa , ON 
44 km today
3,663.71 km achieved so far!

What’s on my mind? 
Good question. 
It sure feels like this journey is coming to an end fast. Feels like it has been a long time, but also feels like we just got started. 
But the journey for so many children has been a long one. 
Their journeys must “feel” like they may never end, but sure would like their difficult times come to an end. 
We can all help by doing good for others. 
I have taken it upon myself to go through some tough times as I run from “Home to Home”. But when things get tough, I could choose to quit, but I just have to think about what these children are going through with no choice and I keep on going for them. 
Please help with this journey by going to FalloRick and make a donation to Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada by going to FalloRick (.com) 
Today was another big day for a couple reasons. 
First, made it to more than 1,000 km into Ontario, leaving just over 200 km to go to get to Sault Ste. Marie. 
Second, made it to “the Goose” in Wawa. 
Will be taking a couple days off to spend with Cam Fall, Caralena Dumanski,  Cara and Camila in Wawa. Praying 🙏 for good weather. 
Got in 44 km today, getting to 5 k south of Wawa, then found our way to  Rock Island Lodge  for the night. 
Plan for getting into the Sault on August 7th, is to leave from Trout Lk Rd/Hwy 17 at 10:30 getting to TMS Truck Centre Ltd. around 11:30-11:45. 
Then getting to the Water Tower Inn around 12, noon, leaving at 12:15. 
Going down Pim St. To Queen St. to Brock and getting to the Civic Centre around 1:00 to meet the Mayor or designate and a “COVID in mind” welcome home gathering. 
Please invite others to join us rain or shine. 
We will be taking tax deductible, online and cash donations, hoping to reach closer to the goal.

July 27 - 1.jpeg
July 27 - 4.jpeg
July 27 - 3.jpeg
July 27 - 2.jpeg

July 27, 2021
Depew River to W. of Dubreuilville, ON 
40.95 km today
3,619.71 km achieved so far!

Looking at the “Where is Rick Now” link on Rick Fall (.com), makes it look like we’ve come so far, and just a short way to go. 
But there is still quite a ways to go to help reach higher for: @MakeAWishCanada and @ChildhoodCancerCanada
Got started by 8:00 from Depew Rest stop. After a good sleep, was able to
put in 19 k to get to Fishing Moose Lodge. 
Then 13 k to Closed up Halfway Lodge. Short break before getting going again for 9 k to Hwy 519. 
Met Sonny Spina on his way home from Dubruilville. He saw Colette Michel-Fall  waiting at the intersection and was told I was just a bit away. So he seeked me out. Had a great visit with him and Jordan on the side of the hwy. 
saw the train going under me, thought it was a good shot. 
No cell service, so we drive into Wawa  to find it. Had an early dinner at the Viking, and headed back out to the stopping/starting point. 
40 k to Wawa. Then a few days off to have a camping visit with Cam Fall, Caralena Dumanski and the girls.

July 26 - 4.jpg
July 26 - 2.jpg
July 26 - 3.jpg
July 26 - 1.jpg

July 26, 2021
White River to Depew River, ON 
11.03 km today
3,578.76 km achieved so far!

Shortest Running Day Yet. But yet still a great day. 
Had the itch to get moving. 
It was a great morning off in White River to sleep in a bit and get some shopping done. So got going for an 11 km run around 2:00 pm. 
Got to the very nice Depew River Rest stop where we met Mohamed and his family. They are on the move from Winnipeg to London. Mohamed put together a YouTube Video he will post to attract more donations for Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada from around the world. 
80 k to Wawa from here.
Plans for getting into the Sault on August 7th are: 
Leave Trout Lake Road and Hwy 17 around 10:30 am 
-Run past TMS Truck Centre around 11:30-11:45.
- Water Tower Inn 12:00 leave at 12:15. 
- Civic centre via Pim St., Queen St. And Brock St. Arriving at 1:00 to meet Mayor Christian Provenzano (or designate) 
Anyone can join the “FalloRick Run” at any point along the way. 
Donation link is still open at Rick Fall 
See if your employers are able to make a tax deductible corporate donation to help. 
Let’s see how much we can raise for These two great foundations. 
And remember, to help children with Cancer and help  “Make-A-Wish” come true.

July 25 - 6.jpg
July 25 - 7.jpg
July 25 - 5.jpg
July 25 - 4.jpg
July 25 - 8.jpg
July 25 - 9.jpg
July 25 - 3.jpg
July 25 - 2.jpg

July 25, 2021
White Lake Lodge to White River, ON 
26.52 km today
3,567.73 km achieved so far!

Day 105 since starting FalloRick Home to Home for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada. 
Over 3,600 km behind me with 317 (ish) to go.
Made it to White River today. 
It was a smoky day. Good thing it was a planned short day. 
After meeting up with Winnie the Pooh, (who was originally from White River), we met the Mayor of White River Angelo Bazzoni who gave a generous donation and allowed us to park at his XTR gas station/convince store for the night with hookups. 
Depending on the smoke situation, I will decide if we continue we it’s a short run toward Wawa or stay put for the day. 
Met a number of more very nice and generous people. Including two Christian Bikers and a family that has been “Fallo ing” this journey. 
Getting closer to home and getting nearer to the fundraising goal. But there is more to go. 
Please visit, “Fallo”, and donate at

July 24 - 6.jpg
July 24 - 8.jpg
July 24 - 5.jpg
July 24 - 3.jpg
July 24 - 7.jpg
July 24 - 1.jpg
July 24 - 2.jpg

July 24, 2021
Cache Lake to White Lake Lodge, ON 
34.23 km today
3,541.21 km achieved so far!

No posting for today. 
I’ll try to catch up tomorrow. 
Just a couple pictures from today. 
And must add that I’m more than 900 km into Ontario. 
Make-A-Wish Canada
Childhood Cancer Canada
Please donate through FalloRick (

July 23 - 1.jpg
July 23 - 2.jpg

July 23, 2021
Marathon to Cache Lake, ON 
30.86 km today
3,506.98 km achieved so far!

Not a huge day today, but all these days are important days. 
Got out of Marathon this morning. 
I must admit, I did NOT do the 5 k uphill back to the highway. 
Hills were not too bad today, good th, because it got warmer than expected. 
Got in 30 k getting me just short of Hemlo Mine. Leaving LESS THAN 400 km to get to the Sault. 
Included is a goofy selfie video of me getting into Marathon that I did not include in yesterday’s post. 
Officially over $65,000 raised for Childhood Cancer Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada. 
With less than  400 k to go to get to the Sault let’s see how high we can reach. 
Please go to FalloRick to donate.

July 22 - 2.jpg
July 22 - 6.jpg
July 22 - 7.jpg
July 22 - 4.jpg
July 22 - 5.jpg
July 22 - 1.jpg

July 22, 2021
Neys Park to Marathon, ON 
29 km today
3,476.12 km achieved so far!

Thursday, July 22, day 102 on the road 92nd day running. 
Today was another mile stone day. Not a marathon day but an into Marathon day. I’ll explain, I did not run a full marathon today, but I did run into Marathon. 
Started off the day with a 3 kilometre steep incline then a little bit downhill then up-and-down for about 10 K. Then a long steep incline for about 5 km. Finishing the day into Marathon with a 5K downhill. 
Met more construction workers along the way who were impressed. A guy from the Soo, Nolan Benoit, stopped to meet me on the road on the way into Marathon. He had been Fallo ing me for quite a while. 
Today was a great run day for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada.   
Please continue to help by going to Rick Fall  ( and hit that donation link. 
We also met a nice family who are camping across the road from us.They are from Quebec travelling home.
Getting into Marathon  Colette Michel-Fall  looked up Elodie Burton, a lady who she lived with while she was nursing in Marathon in 1986. Lovely reunion they had together.


July 21 - 5.jpg
July 21 - 9.jpg
July 21 - 7.jpg
July 21 - 10.jpg
July 21 - 6.jpg
July 21 - 8.jpg
July 21 - 1.jpg
July 21 - 3.jpg
July 21 - 2.jpg